Ariel Costas

Privacy policy

TL;DR: Only access logs for DDoS protection, no cookies, no JavaScript, no trackers nor any other trash.

Data collection

The web server this website runs on (NGINX) logs the requests to an access log just for security purposes such as DoS attack prevention. Absolute none of the logs are shared with any third parties, nor transfered unencrypted over the network.

This complies perfectly with GDPR, without having to show you one of that disturbing banners asking you for full consent that almost nobody reads completely.

Tracker usage

This website doesn’t use any trackers, neither third-party or first-party ones. Nobody except you and I know you’re here except for the DNS server you used, your web browser, possibly your OS and your ISP if you’re not using DoH and TLS.

I don’t care about analytics, my site is about posting tech-related and personal opinion articles for anyone who wants to read them. I’m not trying to sell anything, trying to display ads based on your interests or making a “good product”.


Everyone likes cookies, there are the chocolate ones, speculoos… Oh, that other kind of cookies… Cookies are small pieces of data stored in the browser while visiting a website. They are commonly used to save authentication data, user preferences or tracking IDs used across the web.

I don’t use cookies, mainly because I don’t need to. This site has no authentication of any type (it’s generated statically and uploaded via rsync). It also doesn’t have preferences or any kind, and doesn’t use any type of tracking mechanisms.