Ariel Costas

Access to information should be free, so this blog will never be monetized via personalized advertisements (like Google AdSense), selling your data or hiding content behind a paywall.

However, maintaining a web server is not free, it takes time and money every month to keep it working. That’s why I’m accepting donations to this site. They are not required, and won’t ever be.

Monero (anonymous)

Monero is a decentralyzed cryptocurrency that uses privacy-enhancing technologies to obfuscate transactions in order to achieve anonymity. You can see the address scanning the QR, using as the recipient or copying the following address:


LiberaPay (fiat)

LiberaPay is a recurrent donations platform run by a non-profit organization. The source code for the website is available as Free Software under the CC0 license. It allows donations via bank card and PayPal (not recommended, requires you to run nonfree JavaScript).