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Trying Emacs

By Ariel Costas - July 13, 2021

In the last few days, I’ve been trying GNU Emacs as a text editor for documents, agendas (org-mode) and code. There are several reasons behind this decission:

  1. Editors like Atom or VSCode are the most popular, but VSCode is proprietary (the binaries released by M$) and they are written in ElectronJS, leading to an enormus resource consumption.
  2. I’ve heard many good opinions about emacs and its high extensibility (via Elisp)
  3. All the jokes about St. IGNUtius, the church of emacs, the GNU/Emacs Operating System…

As a vim user for the last year, getting used to emacs is hard. That’s the reason I’m using the Doom Emacs configuration for the editor. Which includes org-mode set up, evil-mode (vim bindings) among others.

I’m linking below to some resources that I found useful to learn emacs/doom emacs:

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