Ariel Costas

Microsoft doesn't learn

By Ariel Costas - November 16, 2021

Microsoft is once again abusing it’s market position with Microsoft Windows 11 (or as I’ve recently taken to call it, Garbagesoft Losedows 11) to impose the use of Microsoft Edge.

Some months ago they released a Windows 10 update where they included adware in the form of a news tab, that also displayed weather and more stuff. Whenever you clicked that, or a search result in the start menu, a link would be open… in Microsoft Edge. No matter what browser you had configured, it would always open on Edge.

Some programs like EdgeDeflector1 fixed this by intercepting the requests with the “microsoft-edge://” protocol and replaced them by “https” so they would use your default browser. However, last friday Microsoft released a new build where this workarounds got broken, in an attempt to once again have control over the system.

The best way to get rid of this behavior is uninstalling Windows and replacing it for an operating system that respects you, like GNU/Linux. With a Free/Libre system, you (and not a Big Tech company) control your computer, how it should be.

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