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My email address is ariel[at]costas[dot]dev. If you want to encrypt your messages using OpenPGP (with GnuPG or thunderbird’s built-in implementation), you can download my key from and import it on your favorite PGP client.

Please make sure the fingerprint matches the following one:

[you@yourmachine ~]$ gpg --fingerprint

pub   rsa4096 2021-03-14 [SC]
      CC46 0CB9 6554 0CEA BF6F  237C 0813 EA75 7FA7 AAE6
uid           [ultimate] Ariel Costas <>
sub   rsa4096 2021-03-14 [E]

Also, don’t forget to attach your public key for me to answer you an encrypted reply.


I’m on mastodon, my ID is


My Matrix user ID is I don’t use Matrix that much, so email is preferred to contact me unless I know you and have your notifications enabled.