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My email address is ariel at costas dot dev. If you want to encrypt your messages using OpenPGP (with GnuPG or thunderbird’s built-in implementation), you can download my key from and import it on your favorite PGP client.

If you don’t know about using encryption, feel free to check out the Email Self-Defense Guide by the Free Software Foundation.

[you@yourmachine ~]$ gpg --fingerprint ariel[at]costas[dot]dev

pub   ed25519 2021-04-17 [SC]
      9DA4 A640 EC9C AAB8 2740  C7DD 7291 06C5 6000 048A
uid           [ultimate] Ariel Costas <ariel[at]costas[dot]dev>
sub   cv25519 2021-04-17 [E]

Also, don’t forget to attach your public key for me to send you an encrypted reply.


I’m on mastodon, my ID is Mastodon is a platform similar to Twitter but federated, privacy-respecting and Free as in Freedom.

You can also find me on PixelFed, which is similar to Instagram but without all of Facebook’s evil. My ID on PixelFed is