Ariel Costas

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IMPORTANT: Please don’t try contacting me from Microsoft-hosted email addresses, as their servers reject my emails directed to them. Please use your own email server, or a secure option like Tutanota or ProtonMail.

My email address is ariel at costas period dev If you want to encrypt your messages using OpenPGP (with GnuPG or thunderbird’s built-in implementation), you can download my key from RedIRIS' keyserver and import it on your favorite PGP client. You can find it by looking for 0x729106c56000048a either through the website or from your favorite PGP client.

[you@yourmachine ~]$ gpg --fingerprint ariel[at]costas[dot]dev

pub   ed25519 2021-04-17 [SC]
      9DA4 A640 EC9C AAB8 2740  C7DD 7291 06C5 6000 048A
uid           [ultimate] Ariel Costas <ariel[at]costas[dot]dev>
sub   cv25519 2021-04-17 [E]

Also, don’t forget to attach your public key for me to send you an encrypted reply.


I’m on mastodon, my ID is


My Matrix user ID is Unless I know you, I prefer you contact me via email.